savoir faire

The Sabbadini brand is firmly based on two principles—creative originality and rigor of execution. Passion and production capabilities have allowed the brand to steadily grow, evolve and expand from the early 1900s until today. For almost a century Sabbadini has been something more than a jewelry house; it is the creator of a special type of beauty, one that represents the essence of what it means to be Italian. A style that is unique and inimitable results in creations of the highest technical craftsmanship, that can interpret the seasons yet remain timeless. This makes Sabbadini a true example of the concept of the “Made in Italy”: a uniquely Italian aesthetic that becomes universal, capable of uniting different people who share a common desire for excellence, quality, craftsmanship and creativity.
Every piece of jewelry thus becomes an object of design, enhancing the beauty and femininity of the woman who wears it, while allowing her to retain her individuality. Every item in the Sabbadini collection has in it the personality, passion and technical capabilities of those who created that piece; but most importantly it allows the personality of the wearer to shine through.
To this day, the ability to reconcile artisanal techniques and creative tension remains the polar star of the brand. The prototype factory is still in the heart of Milan, inside the Sabbadini showroom and right above its flagship store in Via Montenapoleone. Loyalty to the purity of the stones and the traditional techniques of cutting and assembling by hand does not mean closure to innovation, passion and imagination. The most precious and unique diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and an array of colored stones mounted in invisible setting intertwine with unorthodox materials, from titanium to aluminum, from ceramics to steel.
Playing with colors and shapes, preferring essential settings, creating jewelry that is meant to be worn everyday, expressing uniqueness and luxury in an informal tone—this is perhaps the greatest way in which Sabbadini redefines the standards of luxury. Showing that tradition, and a desire to remain focused on artisanal excellence and craftsmanship, can go hand in hand with imagination and the changing times. Creating a style that is transversal and international, but is seeped in Italian excellence and uniquely hand made.

Original creations steeped in Italian tradition, in which is contained not only the personality of the people who create them, but especially the individuality of those who wear them.