Boutique and Atelier

In almost a century of life, Sabbadini has imposed a stamp of originality in the world of style and cultural consumption. Starting in Milan in the 1940s, it has exported its idea of beauty globally. In Italy and the rest of the world women wear Sabbadini’s creations, united by the same desire for artisanal excellence and creative design.
In 1983, Alberto Sabbadini decides it’s time to meet the increasing demand that is coming from the international market. Together with his wife Stefania, they open a Sabbadini showroom in New York City, on Fifth Avenue. In the same year Alberto and Stefania begin hosting trunk shows of the Sabbadini jewelry, in prestigious locations and high-class hotels all over the world, from Saint Moritz to Palm Beach, through London, Montecarlo, Porto Cervo, Gstaad and Moscow. In the course of the 1980s, the company evolves from wholesale to retail, and the Sabbadini brand expands from an Italian reality to an internationally recognized name.
In 1990, the Sabbadini Italian headquarters move to Via Montenapoleone 6, in Milan, where the new atelier and factory are built on the same floor. In 1998 the Sabbadini flagship store opens in Via Montenapoleone 8. Today the showroom, factory and store still exist in this original form and location, and flourish in the heart of Milan’s shopping district.
The store is the result of the creative genius of Renzo Mongiardino, one of Italy’s most sophisticated architects, who was also twice nominated to the Oscar for “Best Production Design”. The relationship between the Sabbadini brand and this larger-than-life architect is somewhat curious. Alberto Sabbadini was determined to have an artist, and not simply an architect, interpret the style of tradition and innovation at the heart of the brand. From the moment Alberto signed the lease, he knew Renzo Mongiardino was the only one who could apply the ideals of technical excellence and craftsmanship of the Sabbadini jewelry to a retail space. It was only after Mongiardino visited the Sabbadini factory, extensively examined the jewelry, and interviewed at length Alberto and Stefania on their aesthetic values and traditions, that he agreed to design what would become Sabbadini’s flagship store. Inspired by the artisanal essence of the brand, Mongiardino decided he was going to create a “treasure chest” for the Sabbadini designs, and the space would keep the same elements of uniqueness and craftsmanship as the jewelry. Every element in the Sabbadini retail space in Via Montenapoleone was handcrafted by artisans and handmade uniquely for the store.
As the Sabbadini brand continues to expand its client base internationally, and increases its number of shows and events, it remains loyal to its artisanal origins and Italian roots.

Objects of design that enhance a woman’s beauty and femininity, while allowing her to retain her individuality.